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18,41 EUR*
Details Driving Down Cost: How to Manage and Cut Costs -- Intelligently

Drawing on over 25 years' consultancy experience running over 50 big one-time, cost-reduction projects internationally, Andrew Wileman provides a Cost Management Toolkit of key ideas and cost management strategies for analysing cost-management ...

44,55 EUR*
Details Coster 1100 Steel Autobody Spreader Assortment by Coster

Aus europäischen Uhr auf Kontur Federstahl bewegt sich dann wieder hat eine non-nick Kante für eine glatte und genaue die besten Streuer auf dem Markt enthält je einmal 2,5 cm 5,1 cm 7,6 cm und 10,2 cm Metall Spreader.

109,00 EUR*
Details Cost Optimization of Structures: Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, and Parallel Computing

Cost Optimization of Structures While the weight of a structure constitutes a significant part of the cost, a minimum weight design is not necessarily the minimum cost design. Little attention in structural optimization has been paid to the cost ...

93,08 EUR*
Details Intelligent Integrated Media Communication Techniques: Cost 254 & Cost 276

Intelligent Integrated Media Communication Techniques This volume contains many examples and applied methods explaining the basic architecture of the mobile terminals. It includes sufficient introductory material to enabling even non-expert readers to ...

44,34 EUR*
Details A Practical Guide to Reducing IT Costs

A Practical Guide to Reducing IT Costs Eliminating and driving down costs have long been second nature for many IT organizations. In challenging economic times, even further culling of IT costs is a requirement for the survival of many businesses ...

21,59 EUR*
Details 2,001 Innovative Ways to Save Your Company Thousands by Reducing Costs: A Complete Guide to Creative Cost Cutting and Profit Boosting

For the small business owner, every dollar you can save by reducing costs goes directly to the bottom line in increased profits. This new book details over 2,000 specific ways that your company can reduce costs today. This is not a theory book; there ...